SGB Media – According to findings from the BRP (retail consulting firm) Consumer Study and the 20th Annual POS/Customer Engagement Survey Consumer Study, 79 percent of consumers indicated personalized service from a sales associate was an important factor in determining at which store they choose to shop. Of the consumer respondents, 64 percent are comfortable with retailers identifying them via their mobile phone when they enter a store, as long as it means they are offered a personalized experience. Yet the study found that 63 percent of retailers surveyed are unable to identify their customers prior to checkout and 20 percent can’t identify them until after checkout or not at all. About half (53 percent) indicated that personalization is one of their top customer engagement priorities for 2019. Said Ken Morris, principal at BRP. in a statement, “In today’s crowded and highly competitive market, personalization is a critical component for optimizing the customer’s shopping experience.”

Read Full Article: Nearly 80 Of Consumers Want A Personalized In-Store Experience

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