55% of retailers focusing on unified mobile experience

Fierce Retail – Retailers need to rethink old paradigms and adopt a new approach to unified commerce. More than half of retailers are focused on optimizing the customer experience by creating a unified mobile shopping experience.

As the future of retail becomes the present, consumers expect retailers to combine the sensory of the physical world with the personalized shopping experience of the digital world. Boston Retail Partners (BRP) conducted the 2017 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey, categorizing customer experience capabilities as the following: educate, engage, execute, enhance and enablers. When it comes to educating consumers, more retailers are using social media as a way for consumers to research products than last year, up from 73% to 92%.

“One of the areas of greatest improvement retailers have made in the past year is the offering of social media as a research option for customers to learn more about the brand and products,” David Naumann, vice president of marketing at BRP, told FierceRetail.

Retailers are realizing the important role that social media plays in the customer journey. According to a recent UPS Pulse Survey, 77% of online shoppers use social media and one-third indicate that social media influences their purchases.

And while 67% of retailers are offering consistent product assortment across channels, their execution is not up to par, as 43% indicate that their processes still need improvement.

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