81% Of Retailers Admit Their Social Media Strategies Fall Short

Retail TouchPoints – While most retailers have moved quickly to leverage social media to enhance their customers’ journeys, more than four out of five admit that their efforts have not yet caught up with their goals and expectations. A new report from consulting firm Boston Retail Partners (BRP) indicated that 81% of retailers using social media to engage with customers say their processes need improvement.

The report, titled Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Social Media, identified five key areas where retailers can use social media more effectively to improve the customer journey:

  • Experience: 69% of retailers see opportunities to utilize social media to enhance the customer experience;
  • Interaction: 75% of retailers support customer interaction via social media;
  • Endorsement: 59% of retailers plan to utilize brand advocacy/social endorsement as a source for identifying their most valuable customers within three years;
  • Satisfaction: 59% of retailers utilize social media comments as a means of measuring customer satisfaction; and
  • Insight: 60% of retailers capture customer feedback and insights from social media and online comments.

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