89% Of Retailers Plan To Provide Mobile Solutions To Associates By 2020

Retail TouchPoints – Consumers certainly love their mobile devices, but the majority of retailers still feel there is room for improvement with regard to their own use of the technology. Just 9% of retailers say they have implemented mobile POS that is “working well,” with another 20% saying it needs improvement, according to Boston Retail Partners (BRP). Only 13% say they have implemented associate-facing mobile solutions that are working well, while 36% more believe there is room for improvement.

Despite their dissatisfaction, most retailers that haven’t yet implemented these mobile technologies plan to offer these solutions within the next three years. While 31% said they’d implement a mobile POS within 12 months, 9% said they would do so at some point within the one- to three-year mark.

In total, within three years, 89% of retailers plan to offer mobile solutions to their store associates and 84% plan to have a mobile POS solution.

To conduct the report, titled: The Mobile World of Retail, BRP surveyed more than 500 North American retailers to explore the current state of how mobile technology is shaping retail capabilities, priorities and processes.

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