Adopting Technology for Tomorrow

Convenience Store Decisions – The most savvy convenience retailers are applying automation that puts the focus on the customer. Inventorying, loyalty perks, customer engagement, forecourt marketing and supply chain strategies carry weight in a successful convenience store operation. How developed each segment is and how well it functions more often than not depends on the degree of technology that’s attached.

It’s unlikely that the rise of online predators such as Amazon will be the endgame for convenience retailers. Instead, c-stores might find themselves on the endangered list because of their failure to react swiftly to technological advances in the industry.

Arguably, nowhere can a retailer engage technological-savvy consumers with a higher rate of engagement than at the POS—depending on system capabilities.

A recent survey from Boston Retail Partners, a technology consultancy, found that retailers want the POS to improve the customer’s overall experience. A major focus is on customer identification and an improved shopping experience (70%), customer mobile experience alignment (57%) and giving sales associates mobile tools to better perform their jobs (46%). Other concerns include managing data in real time (33%) and the customer’s in-store experience (26%).

Of course, every mobile wallet is different. Having a system that’s streamlined, efficient and actually works is a big plus. Some can be found at digital food-ordering kiosks within certain c-stores and others are part of self-checkout stations dotting the convenience channel landscape.

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