Ahold Delhaize opens new tech office

Grocery Dive – Retail Business Services, Ahold Delhaize’s services company, opened a 30,000-square-foot office this week in Quincy, Massachusets, which houses 200 information technology employees and an innovation lab, according to a company press release. The effort is dedicated to discovering technologies that improve the in-store experience for customers and make grocery shopping easier, according to the company. Retail Business Services also hosts a six-month incubator program and engages in partnerships with startups, universities and other entities that focus on grocery retail.

Target and Kroger have both partnered with incubator and innovation labs to attract tech startups to reinvigorate the grocery space and stay relevant to younger, tech-savvy shoppers.

Consumers are most concerned with convenience and in-store experience these days, and technology is the main tool that retailers are using to deliver what they want, with 49% of retailers focused on in-store mobile experience, accoding to BRP Consulting. Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days, making it a powerful tool for capturing customers’ interest and wallets.

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