AI: The Ultimate Personal Shopper?

IT an Us – As the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday draws to a close, many of us wish we had experienced a better shopping experience in-store — or wished we had turned to our mobile devices and searched for our bargains online. For many retailers, the experience for shoppers is broken and needs to change.

AI is being increasingly implemented across the fashion and retail industries as bosses introduce new technologies designed to improve the customer and shopping experience.

According to retail management consulting firm BRP, 45 percent of retailers intend to implement AI within three years to enhance the customer experience.

Customers want a unique experience, personalized to them across all of the channels they choose to buy from. AI technologies have the ability to track personal style, location, behavior, and other preferences. They will eventually be able to present customers with items that they love or never even knew they needed — which will increase the retailer’s revenue.

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