Amazon Go is a glimpse into a universal-mobile future

Mobile Commerce Daily – After completely dominating the online shopping world, Amazon is continuing to move further into physical retail with its latest offering: a bricks-and-mortar grocery store where consumers can purchase items through an app and then just grab them off the shelf.

The new store – Amazon Go – which is not yet open to the general public but likely will be in the near future, completely removes the idea of a checkout line at a grocery store in yet another industry-shaking move. The new store is currently only available for Amazon employees.

“The mobile device is the cash register of the future, the sales associate of the future and the wallet of the future – or rather the now,” said Ken Morris, principal at BRP. “The opportunities for mobile to influence retail sales – via direct sales through a mobile website or app or through in-store possibilities to influence sales – clearly represent the new frontier transforming retailers’ operations.

“We have been talking about the possibility of consumers bypassing the checkout line for many years. Original ideas we based on RFID tagged items in a shopping cart being scanned as the shopper passes through a reader as they leave the store.

“The Amazon concept appears much ‘smarter’ and if they can pull this off, it will pave the way for other retailers to jump on board. While it is a novelty now, it will eventually become commonplace as it is more cost effective to turn your customer’s mobile phone into a POS and guided selling tool than to invest in POS terminals and/or robots.”

“The next logical evolution for retailers is bridging processes in thoughtful ways to generate ongoing revenue,” said Laura Sossong, manager at BRP. “This move by Amazon shows recognition that, for certain items, customers may desire a hybrid in-store and mobile experience as opposed to just one or the other.

“As purchasing models rapidly evolve to satisfy customer expectations, retailers will begin playing with the bounds of available capabilities to find the right combination that resonates with the consumer. This will vary by product category, though across all segments retail of the future will be about providing the right experience that truly impacts the consumer and compels them to act.”

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