Amazon service poised to popularize in-car delivery

Luxury Daily – Ecommerce platform Amazon is upping the ante on shipping services with the debut of in-car delivery. After convincing consumers to open their homes for deliveries with Amazon Key, the retailer is now expanding its capabilities to placing packages in shoppers’ cars. In recent years, Amazon has set the trends in ecommerce services, which may turn vehicle deliveries into a mainstream expectation.

“As home delivery continues to accelerate, many consumers have reported stolen packages from their doorsteps,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “Amazon and other delivery services have begun taking photos of packages delivered to doorsteps to confirm delivery, but that doesn’t prevent thieves.

“Offering in-car delivery is another option to provide greater security for package delivery.”

Mr. Naumann is not affiliated with Amazon, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Amazon was reached for comment.

“Consumer adoption of in-car delivery will resonate will some, but not all consumers,” Boston Retail Partners’ Mr. Naumann said. “Some people may not feel comfortable providing a delivery person access to their vehicle, especially if there is anything of value in their car.

“However, many consumers will likely embrace the added convenience and security of in-car delivery offers,” he said. “It is all about providing consumer multiple options – and consumers love choices.”

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