Amazon Tracker: Strategies And Partnerships Deliver

PYMNTS – In this week’s tracker, Amazon slowly spreads into trickier territory: prescription pharmaceuticals, smart glasses, and shipping alcohol (which is a logistical nightmare). It’s also made progress through the more traditional method of partnerships, though its most recent choices may not be what you’d expect. Finally, not every retailer can be Amazon, but they can all learn something from the eCommerce giant – here’s what.

51 percent of retailers say they offer same-day delivery. One year ago, that percentage was only 16. Boston Retail Partners (BRP) is attributing the shift to Amazon Prime, which, by dominating the retail landscape, is forcing competitors to keep up or give up. Autonomous delivery and distribution may be the next step, BRP predicted.

Retailers would do well to emulate Amazon in some other areas, too, according to BRP: namely, personalized service, ubiquity (omnichannel), and a unified brand experience across those channels.

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