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The Store Still Matters

Despite what the media and industry analysts want us to believe, the store still matters. 79% of the consumers in our recent Consumer Study indicate they purchase merchandise in a store frequently. So, the store is not likely going away any time soon. In fact, this is likely to rise as 27% of consumers indicate their in-store shopping frequency will increase over the next 24 months.

Why Should Retailers use Augmented or Virtual Reality?

Consumers see the benefit of VR and AR, as nearly half of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer utilizing virtual or augmented reality. Retailers also understand the impact that VR and AR can have on the customer experience, as 32% plan to use virtual and augmented reality within three years.

The Great Retail Digital Divide

Customer expectations are only going to continue to rise, fueled by the upsurge in mobile shopping over the past few years. This is driving demand for increased digital capabilities bundled with personalization in the store. Unfortunately, we are seeing that retailers are not always keeping up with customer expectations. This gap between consumer demand for digital capabilities within the store and most retailers’ current ability to support this is what we call the ‘great digital divide.’

663% More Retailers will have a Single Commerce Platform in 4 years

Based on BRP’s 2015 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey, single commerce platform implementations will increase by 663% over the next four years. Retailers are shifting their focus from channel integration to a holistic customer experience. This shift goes beyond omni-channel and a channel integration focus, and is what we term unified commerce.

What Technology does it take to Achieve Unified Commerce?

Unified commerce is a transformational undertaking that forces retailers to look not only outward at the customer, but also inward at themselves. Retailers can no longer afford to operate from within silos, and must transform their organization, business processes and technology if they want to align with their customers.

Unified Commerce: The Catalyst to Move Beyond Channels

Retailers—pay heed to the new wave in retail, officially known as unified commerce.
Based upon the premise that customers engage with brands and not individual channels, retailers are shifting their focus to a holistic customer experience that merges the digital and in-store experiences. Unified commerce goes a step beyond omni-channel, putting the customer experience first, breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and leveraging a single commerce platform.