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Stakes are high for retailers’ return policies

BizJournals – As online shopping continues to grow, the pressure rises for retailers to offer return policies that satisfy customers. Retailers are making an effort to take the guesswork out of online shopping while providing fair return options, Glossy reports.

Same-Day Delivery Drives Brand Loyalty and Purchase Intent

TotalRetail – While the holidays come just once a year, a brand’s reputation can easily be damaged and customers quickly lost when expectations aren’t met during the pivotal shopping season. This past holiday season, we saw retailers make changes to their delivery options to provide shoppers with conveniences they increasingly see as essential, like same-day delivery.

Most retailers likely to adopt unified commerce

Fashion Network – As many as 81 per cent retailers of North America are planning to have unified commerce within 3 years, says a recent report. Elevated customer expectations and disruptive technology are driving the need for retail transformation. The customer journey and associated expectations continue to evolve – driving a major transformation in retail.

6 Ways to Sell Point-of-Sale Systems

Business 2 Community – The good news for point of sale resellers is that today’s market is a fertile one. More merchants than ever want to adopt the latest and greatest POS devices that enable them to handle a wider variety of transactions than ever before, and harness the informational power modern POS provides.