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Retailers must show value of in-store identification efforts, says BRP analyst

Mobile Commerce Daily – NEW YORK – A Boston Retail Partners analyst said at Mobile Commerce Daily’s Mobile Research Summit: Data & Insights 2015 that retailers’ goal in five years to be able to identify shoppers via smartphones when they walk in a store points to the need to engage consumers with offers and games that deliver a real-time experience.

Flash Sites and Traditional Retail Learn From Each Other

Sourcing Journal – A few years ago, flash sale sites were so hot, everyone from the Groupon to local newspapers offered bargain shoppers daily, if not hourly, deals. Some observers went so far as to say such sites would be the end to traditional retail. But then the approach to retail changed altogether: Apparel brick-and-mortars saw the disruption and raised their game, drawing on their real ace in the hole – locations. And flash sites evolved vis-à-vis their offerings and presentation.

PR Futurecasting: Within 5 Years, 883% More Retailers Plan to Identify Customers When They Walk in the Store

Bulldog Reporter – New Boston Retail Partners Study Explores Onus of Real-Time Retail

Retail marketers and PR pros are gaining more knowledge about customers every day, and with the advancing speed of retail and analysis technologies, it wouldn’t be surprising if your favorite stores could soon recognize you—and your shopping patterns—and predict your arrival before you even engaged their site or entered the store. In fact, it appears likely that by 2020, nearly two thirds of retailers will identify a customer when they walk in the store via their smartphone, according to a new special report by Boston Retail Partners (BRP).

75% of retailers to ID shoppers at the door

FierceRetail – By 2020, nearly two-thirds of retailers will identify shoppers by their smartphone as they enter a store. Personalization is the buzzword of the day for retailers and mobile devices are the way in which that’s being delivered. The need to deliver those messages in real time is growing, according to a new report by Boston Retail Partners.

What J.Crew's Problems Can Teach Retailers About Loyalty

eMarketer – Things aren’t looking too peppy at J.Crew. After its recent release of disappointing quarterly results (again), the retailer announced the replacement of one of its lead designers and corporate layoffs. Poorly designed sweaters have been blamed for the drop in sales and revenues, but it’s not just about an ill-fitting piece of merino wool (though to say the Tilly has caused a lot of outrage is an understatement). The retailer’s customers are sick of the high price tags that hang from its undesirable pieces—and this once-loyal group is taking its business elsewhere.

Retailers to ID Customers Via Smart Phones, Report Says

Mobile Enterprise – Consumers’ love affair with smart technology has only amplified their demand for a seamless experience across all channels, including the store, the Web and via their mobile device. Retailers may be scrambling to meet these elevated demands, but those who get it right are setting the tone for “real-time retail, according to “BRP Special Report: Real-Time Retail – The New Retail Imperative,” a new report from Boston Retail Partners.