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CRM Gamification As A Business Growth Engine

Data2CRM – The high growth of employing the gaming aspects can be seen in retailing for increasing levels of customers in the loyalty and frequent client programs. In the 2015 CRM/Unified Commerce Survey is stated that gamification is expected to raise from 3% to 31% in this year.

Self-Checkout is Still Controversial

Progressive Grocer – Fifteen years after grocers first installed self-checkout machines in their stores, this wonderful innovation remains somewhat controversial. Basically, most retailers love these units, but some shoppers have issues with them.

Real-time Retail Is the New Black

Apparel Magazine – Customers are becoming more demanding — driven by new technology and the real-time capabilities it enables. A customer can be shopping at a store for a specific purse or sweater design and she can take a photo of it and gain instant access to the best prices from multiple competitors and information on the closest store that carries it in stock — in real-time. Customers expect this seamless experience in the store, on the web or anywhere they choose to shop. “Real-time retail” is the new retail imperative.

Plan, plan, and thou shall receive the brightest of crowns

Spottio – The old Finnish proverb says: suffer suffer and you shall get the brightest of crowns. Despite the morbid tone of the ”wisdom” there is a hint of truth in this, when thinking about the todays retail markets. Recently the US based Boston Retail Partners published a survey, that indicated that although the transition to mobile mindset in the retail is still pending, the incentives to embrace various types of new methods of making business and serve the customers, are on the way.

Is app-free mobile loyalty the way of the future?

Mobile Commerce Daily – Mobile loyalty applications can provide a rich user experience, but their proliferation threatens to make them as unappealing to consumers as the physical cards they seek to replace, causing some marketers to explore alternatives such as wallet-based programs, which have a more limited set of benefits.

Jack Rogers slings summer excitement to Instagram for countdown-themed giveaway

Mobile Marketer – Women’s shoe designer Jack Rogers ramped up excitement for summer, a big sales season for the brand known for its classic sandals, by leveraging a countdown-themed giveaway on Instagram that offered users a chance to win one pair of its most popular styles each day, proving that social media-enabled contests are still potent with consumers.

Point of Order

Progressive Grocer – The last chance to reinforce or create a positive customer experience in the grocery store is at checkout, where the speed and efficiency of the point-of-sale (POS) system are critical. POS must also enable today’s complex promotions to reward customers for qualifying purchases, as well as accommodate mobile coupons, chip cards and the DataBar on print coupons.

CRM gamification surges

WARC – Nine in ten US retailers are planning to use gamification tactics over the next five years as they seek to leverage their CRM programs to engage and motivate their customers.