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Real-time strategies essential element of retail rehaul: report

Luxury Daily – Retailers must adapt to changing consumer preferences by adopting real-time retail strategies that deliver a more personalized shopping experience, according to a special report by Boston Retail Partners.

Real-time strategies that use the latest technology to target the consumer and appeal to her unique taste will help retailers be more successful. Ultimately, the goal of these real-time strategies should be to establish an enjoyable multichannel experience for consumers accustomed to online and mobile environments.

Why Retail IT VARS Need To Be Problem Solvers First, Tech Providers Second

BusinessSolutions – According to Kevin Kogler, president of Microbiz, a retail solutions ISV, for retail IT VARs to successfully provide solutions such as these, they must begin with a change in mindset from being a technology provider to being a problem solver. This article includes several key findings from Boston Retail Partners (BPR) surveys.

Study: Retailers plan personalized, real-time in-store experience

Chain Store Age – The in-store customer experience is going to get a lot more personalized and timely. According to a new special report by Boston Retail Partners (BRP), “Real-time Retail – The New Retail Imperative,” by 2020 nearly two-thirds of retailers will identify a customer when they walk in the store via their smartphone. In addition, 76% of retailers plan to provide suggested selling based on a customer’s previous purchases within three years.

We may be hearing the last of, ‘Do you just want the receipt in the bag?’

Washington Post – Do you want the receipt in the bag? What a stupid question. I mean, does there breathe on this planet a single person who doesn’t just want the receipt in the bag? Apparently, yes. When I asked that rhetorical question on my Facebook page not long ago I was inundated with people who said they never just want the receipt in the bag. However, according to Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners, cashiers are asking the wrong question. Find out why!

Why Retailers Should Offer Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

eMarketer – As retailers have increased their focus on creating an omnichannel experience, buy online, pick up in-store has emerged as one way to bridge the physical-digital divide. Based on research, consumer demand for such services is huge, meaning retailers that don’t provide this purchase option risk getting left behind.

Sweater snafus unravel J.Crew's quarterly earnings

Marketplace (NPR Radio) – The slump isn’t over for fashion retailer J.Crew, which continues to struggle with disappointing sales. The company reported first quarter earnings yesterday. Sales were off by more than 5 percent from the previous period last year.