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Nearly 40% of large retailers intend to accept Apple Pay by 2016

ThePayper.com – According to a survey from Boston Retail Partners, Apple, CurrentC and Bitcoin are tied. Eight percent of retailers who took the survey said they already accept Apple Pay — the same amount that currently accept MCX’s CurrentC mobile wallet and Bitcoin. Thirteen percent of the surveyed retailers accept PayPal.

Selfridges accounts for rise in tax-free shopping with new service department

LUXURY DAILY – British department store chain Selfridges is responding to the rise of international consumers by organizing a dedicated customer service center inside its London flagship.

“Selfridges is a world-renowned international shopping destination with a rich heritage of delivering extraordinary customer experiences,” said Brian Brunk, principal at Boston Retail Partners, Boston.

Payment security top priority for retailers in 2015

LUXURY DAILY – More than 63 percent of retailers list payment security within their top three priorities for 2015, according to a new report by Boston Retail Partners.

While most retailers have been breached at least once, largely publicized data losses within the past year have brought to light the need for further security procedures. Establishing revamped systems can help prevent hackers from accessing client information and help retailers retain consumers’ trust.

'Chip and pin' use to rise 650% in 2015: report

RetailDIVE – The number of retailers accepting EMV (for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa”), also known as “chip and pin,” will increase 650% by October this year, according to consulting firm Boston Retail Partners. That date reflects the deadline when liability for payment security issues shifts from banks to retailers. EMV technology — which uses a chip embedded in the card to spit out a unique code (or PIN) for every transaction — has been widely used outside the U.S. for years.

EMV Is No Payment Security Panacea

eSECURITY PLANET – On Oct. 1, 2015, the U.S. will become the last G20 country to transition to EMV technology, which leverages a chip in the payment card instead of a magnetic stripe to authenticate a transaction.

More Retailers Will Support EMV in 2015

CPSnet – A whopping 650% more retailers reported that they will support Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) by October 2015, the deadline when credit-card liability shifts back to the retailer for those not compliant with EMV policies, according to a new survey from a technology consultancy Boston Retail Partners (BRP).