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Gaining Ground in the Retail Battle Against Amazon

When it comes to offering competitive prices, convenience, and a superior customer service experience, many traditional brick and mortar businesses are struggling to keep up with intermediating retailers like Amazon and Google. As these industry giants have drastically raised the bar in terms of customer expectations and satisfaction metrics, the remaining marketplace players are left strategizing on how to stay relevant to consumers.

Under this industry backdrop, there are a few strategic elements for retailers to prioritize when fashioning their competitive approach to remain contenders in the retail game.

Getting the Bang for your Loyalty Program Buck—Part III

Prioritization Matrix – The Secret Weapon to Finalize Loyalty Program Details

So you are a retailer, and you have already set a loyalty program strategy and established its attributes and offerings as per Part I and Part II of this series. The good news is that you are now just one step away from implementation of a successful, effective loyalty program.

At this point, even though strategizing has significantly narrowed the options, you are likely torn between loyalty program alternatives. Enter the prioritization matrix. This friendly tool can be extremely useful and effective in facilitating comparison and ranking between functional choices.

Getting the Bang for your Loyalty Program Buck—Part II

Identifying the Details of the Loyalty Program

After setting a high-level loyalty strategy, a retailer should then customize the key components or “the guts” of the loyalty program. Conceptually, this involves specifying key parameters that detail how the program will function. The principal program aspects that need to be determined include program structure, layers, fee structure, loyalty tier/status features, and corresponding promotional segmentation. This easy step-by-step approach can be utilized to assist retailers in the program engineering process.

Getting the Bang for your Loyalty Program Buck—Part I

Looking Thru 3 Lenses for Best Program Strategy

The paramount importance of the consumer experience in today’s retail space cannot be denied. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty literally go hand in hand with one another. Now more than ever, technological advancements have granted retailers an ocean of opportunity in which to interact with and build loyalty amongst their customer base. But how does a retailer navigate through the plethora of possibilities when formulating the loyalty program that’s right for them and their customer base?