Entries by Kathleen Fischer

Personalization is the Key to Competing Against Amazon

As consumers become more technologically savvy and have access to better information, there is a widening gap as retailers struggle to meet consumers’ escalating expectations. Personalization is one of the best ways to create and maintain a connection with the brand’s most valuable and loyal customers and is the key to competing against Amazon.

How are Retailers Adapting to the New Customer Journey and Pressures from Amazon?

Retail is changing at the speed of light. Amazon continues to disrupt retail as it delves deeper into brick-and-mortar with the acquisition of Whole Foods. Meanwhile, bankruptcies and store closures make daily headlines, as the phrase ‘retail apocalypse’ becomes the topic of many conversations. To succeed, retailers may need to reinvent themselves to create an effective blend of the physical and digital worlds to maintain customer loyalty.

Online Fraud has increased 137% post-EMV – Are you Protected?

According to a new white paper from BRP, fraudsters have become more sophisticated and retailers need to adapt new security tactics to protect their customers’ payment card and personal data. The Payment Security Update: What’s Next After EMV white paper provides retailers practical tips on how to improve payment and data security across all channels.

Is Alexa the Future of Customer Service?

45% of retailers plan to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) within three years to enhance the customer experience, according to the 2017 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey. Stores must now encompass both worlds – the sensory experience generally available in the physical world, such as touching and feeling merchandise and personally interacting with a knowledgeable associate – whether simply human or a combination of AI and human characteristics – married with the unique and personalized shopping experience common in the digital world.