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Is Real-time Retail the New Retail Imperative?

According to the BRP SPECIAL REPORT: Real-time Retail – The New Retail Imperative, nearly 50% of retailers indicate that real-time retail is one of their top three priorities!

Real-time retail is the ability to deliver a holistic experience to consumers whenever, wherever or however they choose to shop by gathering, analyzing and disseminating customer, product, pricing and inventory data across all channels – in real-time. This enables retailers to leverage “customer context,” which we define as the interrelated factors of customer insights and environmental conditions, to make the shopping experience relevant.

Why will 250% more retailers have a single order management solution in 3 years?

According to a new special report by Boston Retail Partners (BRP), in the next 3 years, 250 percent more retailers are transitioning to a single order management solution (OMS) to support a unified commerce experience across all channels. The BRP SPECIAL REPORT: Order Management is the New POS, explains how many retailers are planning to adopt a single order management system and the numerous benefits it presents to improve operations and enhance the customer experience.

What are the Top Retail IT Initiatives for 2015?

As you create your budgets for 2015 and plan various projects and initiatives for the next 12-24 months, it helps to have resources to understand what the competition is doing, the trends in the industry, and the new and upcoming technologies that will be influencing your business.

Check out our industry-leading benchmarking surveys to help you plan for 2015 and the future.

Customer Engagement & Personalization are HOT Topics!

A good barometer of what topics are hot is the media coverage a press release receives. A week and a half ago, we issued a press release on the results of our CRM/Unified Commerce Study and there have been 21 articles covering this topic. The key priorities identified by retailers in the Boston Retail Partners 1st Annual CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey focused on enhancing customer engagement, collecting and analyzing customer behavior and personalizing the experience.

Welcome to our new blog…

Welcome to the new BRP Retail Insights blog. This blog will feature insights from Boston Retail Partners’ executives and consultants on retail trends, technology, best practices, case studies and news. Basically, everything Retail!