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Consumers want a shared cart across channels

In BRP’s Consumer Study, 56% of consumers indicated that they were more likely to shop at a retailer that allowed them to have a shared cart across channels instead of a retailer that does not offer this service. Yet only 7% of retailers currently offer this shared cart concept – that’s a huge gap that retailers are struggling to bridge.

The Future Store is Here

The retail industry is in the midst of a retail renaissance as we move from the ‘olden days’ of a person walking in to a store to simply purchase a commodity, into a new technologically advanced era where artificial intelligence helps customers make informed purchasing decisions leveraging associate or customer facing technology along with augmented reality that enables them to view products on their body or virtually in their homes.

Amazon’s New 4-star Store Concept – Thoughts from BRP

Today, Amazon extended its physical store presence with a totally new concept. Amazon 4-star is a new physical store where everything for sale is rated 4 stars and above, is a top seller, or is new and trending on Amazon.com. Nothing is off limits for Amazon and they continue to surprise us with new ventures.

Will Department Stores and Specialty Retailers Join the Custom-sized Apparel Bandwagon?

While there hasn’t been a big push for large apparel retailers to offer custom-sized clothing yet, as made-to-measure startups like Indochino, eShakti and Sumissura gain traction, that will likely change. Today’s consumers expect personalized services and products that are one-of-a-kind. With custom-tailored and designed garments now offered at a fraction of historical bespoke clothing prices, it has created a lucrative niche.

The Future Retail Network Manifesto: Turn your Retail “Not-work” into an Agile Network

Network bandwidth is becoming a bottleneck and retail applications are not performing efficiently. It has become so bad at some organizations, that retail store operations personnel refer to the network as the “not-work.” BRP published “The Future Retail Network Manifesto” to articulate our vision of the future store and identify the challenges and imperatives retailers face in delivering the expected customer experience.

The State of Gender Equality in Retail

I recently had the chance to comment on an Honoring Women discussion on Retail Wire about outstanding women in the retail industry and company cultures that support their success. It was an interesting article to read and contemplate, especially in light of recent headline-making articles on misogyny and sexism in politics and the movie-making industry.

Measuring retail success in an omni-channel world

Omni-channel retailing is – or should be – changing the way retailers evaluate their business performance. Same-store sales have been the key metric utilized to measure a retailer’s health for many years but this metric only measures the traffic in the physical store without understanding the influence brick-and-mortar has on e-commerce or vice versa.

Robot Associate: Are retail jobs at risk?

While automation and robots can be a good way to cut overall costs, there is a fine line as to where it makes sense to deploy. Operationally, RFID technology can automate inventory/cycle counts, augmented reality can help with merchandising and floor sets, and blockchain technology can be used to prove authenticity of a luxury good.