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Why is Real-time Retail the New Retail Imperative?

When a customer walks in your door, do you know who she is? Do you know what she abandoned in her online shopping cart this morning? Do you know that she looked at your daily specials on her smartphone 30 minutes ago? Can you see current inventory at your store and all other stores and distribution centers in your chain – in real-time? These capabilities are examples of real-time retail in action.

Why Move to Virtual POS?

The opportunities available to retailers through the virtual POS model are exciting and the benefits are significant. By eliminating the need to install and run the POS application on a server at each store, a significant burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support is alleviated. Here are a few of the benefits of switching to a virtual POS system.

MICROS Acquisition Makes Oracle #1 in Retail POS – How will SAP Respond?

Retail is a focus industry for both Oracle and SAP – Share your opinions on the impact of the Oracle acquisition and what you think will happen next.

With the pending acquisition of MICROS, Oracle will become the new leader in retail POS software according to our 2014 POS/Customer Engagement Survey results. Oracle’s largest acquisition since it acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 demonstrates the attractiveness of industries it considers to be ripe for technology transformation and growth.

Virtual POS is the new POS Paradigm

In the past, Virtual POS would not have been an option due to the perceived risk of WAN failure. Today, due to massive investments in infrastructure, we now have robust network infrastructures available that are far more reliable and resilient than anything we have seen in the past. The reliability of today’s networks provides 99.999% up time.

Within 5 Years, 75% of Retailers Plan to Identify Customers when they Walk in the Store

Unified Commerce is the evolution of both multi-channel and omni-channel retailing that provides a seamless experience in the store, on the Web or anywhere customers choose to shop. The key Unified Commerce initiatives, such as enhancing customer engagement, collecting and analyzing customer behavior, and personalizing the experience, are the top priorities for retailers, as evidenced by the results from the Boston Retail Partners 1st Annual CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey.

Is interactive Retail a “Stalker” or a “Butler?”

I recently read an interesting article in The Atlantic, The Future of Retail Checkout: No Checkout at All?, that raises an interesting point about how consumers will feel as retailers collect more of their digital footprint and use this information for personalized interactions.

Will customers feel like they are being “stalked” or will they value the personalized service like they would get from a “butler?”