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The 80/20 Rule for Keeping Customers Happy

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers, so it makes sense to focus on those 20% who are loyal, repeat customers as they are the most valuable to your business. Your customers expect engaging and relevant interactions and conversations across any and all channels, however, they don’t have the tolerance for complicated processes.

Retail Apocalypse Vs. Retail Transformation

For retailers who are not well into their transformation to a ubiquitous, real-time retailcustomer journey, the key to survival is to redouble their efforts before the competition puts them out of business. With a flurry of bankruptcies and store closure announcements in 2017, the “Retail Apocalypse” phrase has become the topic of many conversations. While the doom and gloom of an apocalypse is not likely to be a reality, there is no argument that change, turmoil, and disruption is reshaping the world of retail.

Are Slow EMV Transaction Times Frustrating your Customers and Increasing your Labor Costs?

The EMV process has lengthened POS transaction times and in some cases the checkout time has increased by more than 15 seconds. These excessive EMV transaction processing times are degrading the customer experience and increasing labor costs by forcing retailers to staff more registers to make checkout lines more tolerable. Learn what you can do to solve this problem!

Beyond EMV: Best Practices for Payment Security

There is no single strategy that can entirely eliminate the risk of a data breach. To provide retailers practical tips on how to improve the security of their customers’ payment card and personal data, we recently wrote this white paper: Beyond EMV: Best Practices for Payment Security.

650% More Retailers will Support EMV by October 2015

According to a recently published survey by Boston Retail Partners (BRP), the top IT priority for retailers in 2015 is focused on improving payment security, and protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information. For the first time in 16 years, more than 63% of the retail respondents in the BRP 2015 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey indicated that payment security is among their top three priorities for 2015.

Thwart Hackers and Protect Customer Payment Data with the Right Tools

Armed with our experience and expertise in retail payment security, we recently published a white paper entitled “Best Practices and Tools to Thwart Hackers and Protect Customer Payment Data.” This blog post will highlight the key points contained in the white paper, though the white paper should be referenced for an in-depth analysis on this topic.

How will Apple Pay impact retail?

With the recent introduction of the NFC enabled iPhone 6/6+, many of our clients are interested in how, or if, its new proprietary Apple Pay app will impact retailers. To help answer some of these burning questions, we recently published our thoughts on Apple Pay in a document titled “BRP INSIGHTS: How will Apple Pay impact retail?”

Data Breach Costs Reach Galactic Proportions

The Target breach could cost more than $1 billion!

According to John Kindervag, the vice president and principal analyst with Forrester Research, “I don’t see how they’re getting out of this for under a billion, over time,” he said, adding, “$150 million in a quarter seems almost like a bargain.”