Entries by Ryan Grogman

Life After EMV – No Rest for the Weary

For many retailers, getting to EMV was a long and arduous task. Delays in certifications, long lead times for new payment terminals, and high competition for valuable software, payment terminal and banking resources meant 6 month projects often turned into 12 and 18 month projects. So if you are a retailer who has successfully implemented EMV, congratulations! But where do you go from here?

EMV: Separating Myth from Reality

EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) continues to grab more headlines as the October 2015 deadline looms for U.S. retailers. The most consistent thing across these articles is how inconsistent some of the “facts” are as it relates to EMV. Depending on the personal perspective of who is writing the article, the goal may be to calm a retailer’s concerns and let them know they are not alone in delaying their EMV compliance, or it may be to alarm a retailer around the increased amount of fraudster attention they’ll be getting should they delay even a day further.

It’s time to start separating some of the EMV myths from the realities.