Best Buy pairs holiday trivia contests on Twitter with gift ideas

Mobile Commerce Daily – Best Buy is driving online sales through posts on Twitter in which users are prompted to share opinions, answers to trivia and personal anecdotes.

The electronics retailer is hoping to ramp up holiday sales through a series of call-to-action posts on social media while engaging and forming a connection with consumers at the same time. The posts employ a series of different tactics common on Twitter such as native polls, GIFs, videos, which then lead back to Best Buy’s Web site to purchase items featured in each individual post.

“Shoppers consume information differently and are active in a variety of social media platforms; therefore, it is imperative that retailers spread their marketing efforts across multiple mediums,” said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. “Best Buy’s tweets about holiday gift ideas are a great way to spark ideas for shoppers and drive them to the Best Buy web site to complete the purchase.”

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