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Personalization – The New Retail Imperative

Brands such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have elevated consumers' expectation for personalization. As this trend continues, retailers are rushing to implement the tools required to bring into the stores the level of personalization consumers experience in the e-commerce world.

Mobile Devices are Accelerating the move to Unified Commerce

According to the 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey, retailers understand that the always-connected consumer expects a personalized, seamless experience wherever, whenever and however she shops and they are focused on delivering a unified customer experience.

BRP Offers TechTours and Private Meetings at NRF 2017

BRP is offering a series of TechTours to help retailers identify innovative products and new technologies available on the NRF 2017 EXPO floor. Space is limited. Register today!

How are Retailers Progressing on the Journey to the "Future Store?"

The Future Store Manifesto – 2016 Scorecard highlights how retailers are changing their initiatives to align with the key future store imperatives: mobile, relevant, personal, ubiquitous and secure. Read Now!

Retailers' Planning Organizations are not Ready for Unified Commerce, According to BRP Survey

BRP’s 2016 Merchandise Planning Survey of top North American retailers offers insights into retailers’ current state of merchandise planning and their priorities and challenges as they strive to meet the needs of today’s omni-channel customer.

Transform the Customer Experience - Keys to Mobile Success

The proliferation of tablets and smartphones has created new opportunities for retailers to enhance the customer experience to meet the expectations of their very informed and technology-savvy customers.

Savvy Retailers are Accelerating their Path to Unified Commerce with OMS

BRP’s 2016 Digital Commerce Survey of top North American retailers offers insights into retailers’ current digital commerce priorities and initiatives as the digital and physical worlds converge to facilitate a seamless experience across channels.

Social Media Presents Unlimited Opportunities for Retailers to Personalize, Influence and Enhance the Customer Journey

While social media produces unlimited opportunities to create a memorable and personalized customer shopping experience, most retailers are not successfully executing their social media strategies. The new special report from BRP highlights the social media opportunities and challenges facing leading retailers today.

What does the Success of Pokémon Go mean for the Future of Retail?

Customer engagement through gamification has been a tried and true strategy for retailers to entice customers to engage with the brand. Now, with augmented reality and Pokemon Go, retailers can enhance the game, offer a richer customer experience, and learn something about the customer in a fun and engaging way.

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