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Retail Apocalypse Vs. Retail Transformation

For retailers who are not well into their transformation to a ubiquitous, real-time retailcustomer journey, the key to survival is to redouble their efforts before the competition puts them out of business. With a flurry of bankruptcies and store closure announcements in 2017, the “Retail Apocalypse” phrase has become the topic of many conversations. While the doom and gloom of an apocalypse is not likely to be a reality, there is no argument that change, turmoil, and disruption is reshaping the world of retail.

Has your IT Organization Stolen the Customer?

Throughout my career in retail, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest brands as a CIO, COO, VP of E-commerce and consultant.  I have recently come to a critical conclusion: The IT organization has STOLEN THE CUSTOMER from the rest of the retail organization.  Here are a few examples to illustrate my point.

How are Retailers Adapting to the New Customer Journey and Pressures from Amazon?

Retail is changing at the speed of light. Amazon continues to disrupt retail as it delves deeper into brick-and-mortar with the acquisition of Whole Foods. Meanwhile, bankruptcies and store closures make daily headlines, as the phrase ‘retail apocalypse’ becomes the topic of many conversations. To succeed, retailers may need to reinvent themselves to create an effective blend of the physical and digital worlds to maintain customer loyalty.

Are No Inventory Showrooms, Like Nordstrom Local, the New Retail Trend?

Nordstrom Local is the latest new twist on the trend for smaller store footprints and limited to no inventory. Many consumers are beginning to think of stores as showrooms and use them to try on or test products in person and then order online from the comfort of their home or anywhere from their mobile device.

Online Fraud has increased 137% post-EMV - Are you Protected?

According to a new white paper from BRP, fraudsters have become more sophisticated and retailers need to adapt new security tactics to protect their customers’ payment card and personal data. The Payment Security Update: What’s Next After EMV white paper provides retailers practical tips on how to improve payment and data security across all channels.

Is Alexa the Future of Customer Service?

45% of retailers plan to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) within three years to enhance the customer experience, according to the 2017 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey. Stores must now encompass both worlds - the sensory experience generally available in the physical world, such as touching and feeling merchandise and personally interacting with a knowledgeable associate – whether simply human or a combination of AI and human characteristics – married with the unique and personalized shopping experience common in the digital world.

Personalization – The New Retail Imperative

Brands such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have elevated consumers' expectation for personalization. As this trend continues, retailers are rushing to implement the tools required to bring into the stores the level of personalization consumers experience in the e-commerce world.

Mobile Devices are Accelerating the move to Unified Commerce

According to the 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey, retailers understand that the always-connected consumer expects a personalized, seamless experience wherever, whenever and however she shops and they are focused on delivering a unified customer experience.

BRP Offers TechTours and Private Meetings at NRF 2017

BRP is offering a series of TechTours to help retailers identify innovative products and new technologies available on the NRF 2017 EXPO floor. Space is limited. Register today!

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