Brand collaborations lead to double exposure for retailers

Luxury Daily – To capture consumer attention, a growing number of retailers and department stores have partnered with luxury brands to create more engaging campaigns. From ecommerce fashion retailer MyTheresa to department store chain Barneys New York, collaborating with high-end labels allows these retailers to leverage brand enthusiasm into larger audiences. However, such campaigns can also dilute retailers’ own carefully-crafted brands.

“While sharing the limelight with another brand does take away some of the focus on a department stores brand; if done well, it can enhance the store’s brand reputation by being associated with a luxury brand that consumers love,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners, retail consulting firm.

Italian fashion label Versace is introducing its sunglasses collection to Barneys, and a new short gave shoppers a glimpse at the eyewear. Clad in Versace prints, a model posed with different pairs of Versace sunglasses outside of New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, bringing the house’s Italian sensibility to the streets of New York.

“Partnering with brands on marketing and advertising campaigns has two key benefits for departments stores – leveraging brand passion and reduced costs,” Mr. Naumann said.

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