Branded resolutions mirror consumers’ wellness mindset to start 2018

Luxury Daily – Retailers such as Mr Porter and Nordstrom are encouraging consumers to maintain New Year’s resolutions beyond the first week of 2018 through features supporting health and wellness.

As consumers increasingly turn to self-care, healthy eating and fitness routines, nearly every luxury industry has incorporated its own stance on health and wellness to speak to shoppers’ expectations and behavior. At the start of the new year, consumers often ramp up health-conscious resolutions, and messages of encouragement, recommendations and tips from favorite brands may inspire consumers to stick to reaching their goals.

“Consumers that are loyal brand enthusiasts respect the opinions of retail spokespeople and famous fashion designers,” said David Naumann, vice president at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “Retailers offering their perspectives and ideas for New Year’s resolutions will be welcomed by their loyal fans.

“As consumers continue to value experiential shopping, many retailers have infused interactive experiences and themed events to appeal to consumers’ affinity for the theater of shopping,” he said.

“With New Year’s resolutions that can be tied to retail products or services, these tips can inspire consumers to visit their store to try or test products that help them achieve their goals, which ultimately results in more sales.”

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