BRP 2015 CRM SURVEY: Customer Experience/Engagement is #1 CRM Priority for Retailers

In Boston Retail Partners’ 2015 CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey of the top North American retailers, respondents indicated that their top CRM priority was enhancing the customer experience/engagement.


Retailers are responding to consumers’ heightened expectations for a personalized, seamless experience wherever, whenever and however they shop. Retailers understand that customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential enabler and key to influencing customer behaviors with contextual and personalized experiences across channels.

Closed-loop CRM Program

ACRM Circle successful CRM program is built on a closed-loop system that begins by identifying customers to establish new relationships, followed by engaging with customers in compelling ways such as gamification that enhance the customer experience, then analyzing customer behaviors in real-time, and finally, retaining customers with superior service and loyalty programs. This continuous loop is essential for retailers to cultivate valuable customer relationships.

The findings of the 2015 CRM/Unified Commerce Survey identified that retailers are focused on the key aspects of CRM that will enhance the customer’s shopping experience across channels and increase sales. The key findings of the survey are:

Identify the Customer – 883% more retailers plan to identify customers when they walk in the store within five years.

Engage the Customer – 74% of retailers indicate that customer experience/engagement is one of their top three CRM priorities.

Analyze the Customer – 100% of the retailers surveyed plan to utilize analytics/dashboard to understand customer purchases and shopping behaviors within two years.

Retain the Customer – 46% of retailers indicate that a structured loyalty program is one of their top three CRM priorities.

Special thanks to the silver sponsors of this year’s CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey: Enactor and Epicor.

I encourage you to read the complete survey report for additional insights on retailers’ top priorities and how they are focused on improving the customer experience.

Download Now: 2015 CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey

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