BRP Report: ‘Digital Consumers’ Want Personalized Recommendations

Convenience Store Decisions – BRP’s 2019 Consumer Shopping Habits – The Generation Gap report identifies how and where consumers prefer to shop and which factors — such as generational differences — influence their shopping. The report is based on findings from a BRP survey of 1,298 U.S.

‘Digital Consumers’ (ages 18-37) have higher expectations for the retail experience than ‘Traditional Consumers’ (ages 38+) and embrace the use of technology to make their research and buying process more convenient. Traditional Consumers are more focused on the basics of finding their desired product at the right price.

“It is interesting to see what drives consumers’ shopping habits and the differences between generational groups,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing, BRP Consulting. “As retailers plan their in-store, online and mobile shopping experience strategies, it is imperative that they align with the desires of their target audiences. Making every experience a positive one is also key, as nearly two-thirds of all consumers will stop shopping at a retail brand after one unsatisfactory experience.”

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