BRP Report Identifies Tokenization as Top Retailer Priority

Convenience Store Decisions – Only 38% of retailers have implemented a single token solution across the enterprise. Tokenization offers increased security and enables a shared cart across channels, according to a report by retail management consulting firm BRP. BRP’s SPECIAL REPORT: Security says that retailers must continuously reexamine their policies on customer payment and personal data as new dangers emerge that require enhanced security measures.

Tokenization enables retailers to remove sensitive information from the network by substituting payment card data with a token, which is used as an identifier but has no exploitable value or meaning.

“Tokenization is a top priority for many retailers, as it improves the security of sensitive customer payment data,” said Ryan Grogman, senior vice president and practice lead of BRP. “Tokenization technology is also valuable as a foundation to enable a seamless experience for consumer returns, customer profiles and electronic shopping carts that need to retrieve data across channels. What began as a solution to remove payment card data from a retailer’s environment has found additional value in substituting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to help drive omni-channel use cases. We continue to see improved security practices across the retail industry in efforts to thwart malicious attacks and remain compliant with regulations, but this is a never-ending challenge.”

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