Charting a course to omnichannel fulfillment

Retail Dive – To meet the demands of shoppers who expect to be able to buy in the channel of their choice and receive the merchandise wherever they prefer, retailers are unwinding their channel-specific supply chains and heading toward omnichannel fulfillment. Roughly half (48%) of retailers have implemented a single commerce platform, according to BRP (retail consulting firm) 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey, and an additional 46% plan to have one in place within three years.

However, retailers that claim omnichannel capabilities can be at very different places along a continuum. BRP’s 2018 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey2 found that only 5% of retailers have achieved “shop anywhere/ship anywhere” unified commerce, while 53% reported some amount of omnichannel integration and more than one-quarter (28%) were still in the “multichannel” phase.

“Many retailers have taken the ‘just get something done’ approach over the last few years to attempt to deliver a cross-channel customer experience,” according to Ken Morris, principal, BRP. “The unfortunate result of this quick-fix approach is a ‘faux’ omnichannel model that doesn’t execute as promised and risks disappointing customers.”

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