Consumers expect in-store personalisation – Technology is bringing new life to brick-and-mortar stores as the physical and digital retail environments collide. This is according to the new BRP “2019 Special Report – Personalization”.

Today’s online shoppers are accustomed to features such as product reviews, expansive merchandise choices, one-click transaction processing and personalised recommendations. These expectations don’t dissipate when the customer walks into a physical store. In store, sales associates are an integral part of the necessary personalisation, offering relevant recommendations and offerings. According to the study, 79% of the customers indicated personalised service from a sales associate was an important factor in determining at which store they choose to shop.

“Effective customer engagement requires retailers to offer a personalised, relevant, compelling and consistent experience across channels,” says Ken Morris, principal at BRP, retail consulting firm. “In today’s crowded and highly competitive market, personalisation is a critical component for optimising the customer’s shopping experience. Customer identification is necessary to personalise the in-store shopping experience; however, 63% of retailers can’t identify their customers prior to checkout, which is too late to empower the associate to influence the current purchase decision.”

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