Customer experience – doubling down

Essential Retail – Retail is evolving rapidly – no big secret. It seems an eternity since retailers’ main challenges were ‘just’ delivering excellent customer service and ensuring product availability. Compared to yester-year, today’s smartphone-clutching consumer can shop anywhere, at any time, for almost anything. They have a wealth of information available to inform their choice of products and services. And whatever they purchase, they can often take delivery, consume and enjoy it at a time and place of their choosing.

“The digital world is infiltrating bricks and mortar stores where consumers want full transparency on product pricing and availability. Miss a step on any of these data points, and your customer can immediately shop the competition, even while still in your store. This is the new normal.” – The Future Store Manifesto, BRP, retail consulting firm.

When combined with mobile apps, and mobile loyalty programmes; “…these technologies enable identification of the customer before they make a purchase decision, which allows the retailer to tailor the shopping experience and influence the purchase decision” – BRP.

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