The Customer Journey is not a Linear Process

However difficult it may be to attain, a great customer experience is only achieved through delivered excellence across all interactions throughout the customer’s chosen journey.

What makes this challenging for retailer is the fact that the customer journey is never a linear process – customers want to quickly and easily move across channels to research, shop, and interact with your brand and they expect their journey to be personalized. To complicate this further, the mobilization of retail has created a paradigm shift towards the convergence of the retail digital and physical experiences, which creates a need for real-time retail.

The customer journey can be simple or complex, and is different for each customer and individual purchase. The journey may begin or end in the store or online, and along that path it often has tie-ins to social media activity. It’s not important that we have specific labels for these scenarios, like webrooming or showrooming, but simply that we understand the customer journey is very dynamic. As retailers we have the opportunity to optimize and enhance this experience to drive increased customer loyalty. This is why ‘start anywhere, end anywhere’ cross-channel capabilities are so important, like enabling a unified or shared shopping cart across channels. Delivering on that experience requires a different approach and this sets the stage for unified commerce.

The-Customer-Journey-BaseTo better understand and analyze the customer journey, BRP segments the customer experience into the five E’s or E5.

The E5 of Customer Experience:
  • Educate – Offer customers the tools to research your brand and products
  • Engage – Interact with the customer wherever, whenever, and however they want to shop and engage with the brand
  • Execute – Ensure the organization offers the services and options that the customer wants and expects when they make a purchase
  • Enhance – Understand what you are doing right and what you need to do better so you can continually improve the customer experience
  • Enablers – Leverage the right technology, system, and tools to deliver the desired customer experience

Our recent Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey delves deeper into what retailers are doing, or plan to do, to deliver the seamless cross-channel experience customers want.

I encourage you to download the read the survey report:

DOWNLOAD: 2016 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey

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