Do you really need augmented reality for your brand?

Thrive Global – The history of AR gets back to 1968 (yes, augmented reality is that old!) when Ivan Sutherland designed his Sword of Damocles. Yet, the popularity of AR got to the businesses around the world when Nokia launched its tennis app in the 2000s. In 2008, BMW became the first company who began using AR for commercial purposes and since 2016 the concept has become mainstream after the extremely successful launch of the Pokemon Go game. While it took the augmented reality more than 50 years to become popular and find its way into the market, many young businesses still question the reasonability of using AR for their niche.

Let’s talk numbers first. AR is expected to hit $90 billion in revenue in the next three years according to Digi Capital. Thrive Analytics calculated that 32% of all consumers in the world are already using augmented reality while 73% of mobile AR users report great satisfaction from the experience. BRP Consulting calculated that about half of current customers would be more likely to shop with a retailer who uses AR in its apps. Yes, the numbers might seem to be selected one-sided here but the general trend of capital investment into AR in the world and the number of emerging apps that implement the technology to prove the point. So in the long-term perspective and from the potential ROI of augmented reality, this is yet another “pro” for the technology.

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