2016 Merchandise Planning Survey

Survey of Leading Retailers Reveal that Planning Organizations are not Ready for Unified Commerce

Savvy retailers know their current planning tools are not capable of supporting the unified commerce environment necessary to satisfy today’s customers. According to the BRP 2016 Merchandise Planning Survey, retailers understand that merchandise needs to be available across channels, however, this makes planning exponentially more complex and challenging.

Today’s retailers wrestle with a myriad of business and IT issues as they strive for an efficient and effective omni-channel environment. The common issues include: current organization structure is not set up to plan and support an omni-channel environment, planning applications are ineffective and not integrated, and the current environment can’t support the complex analysis of the high volume of data required to optimize planning decisions and meet customer demand.

BRP’s 2016 Merchandise Planning Survey of top North American retailers offers insights into retailers’ current state of merchandise planning and their priorities and challenges as they strive to meet the needs of today’s omni-channel customer. Key findings from the survey include:

What are retailers doing today?

  • 71% do not have formal omni-channel demand planning processes
  • 38% plan brick-and-mortar as an individual channel
  • 44% have integrated planning teams but 86% need improvement

How can retailers overcome today’s obstacles?

  • 44% indicate that improving analytics is a top priority
  • 21% indicate that disparate systems and process challenges are the biggest planning obstacles
  • 41% plan to upgrade their omni-channel demand planning systems within two years

What integration issues are retailers facing?

  • 63% have integrated the planning organization across channels but 75% need improvement
  • 70% have integrated planning business processes across channels but 83% need improvement
  • 53% have integrated planning systems across channels but 77% need improvement

The 2016 Merchandise Planning Survey report provides retailers the following insights:

  • Understand key industry trends in merchandise planning
  • Identify how your merchandise planning capabilities and processes compare to your competition
  • Discover practical ideas and opportunities to improve your planning
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