2018 BRP Insights – Agile

Agile – The Key to Accelerating your Retail Transformation

This BRP Insights, from BRP retail consulting firm, highlights the benefits of an Agile Approach and why it is becoming an imperative for accelerating retail transformation.

With the swift pace of disruption occurring today, retail winners need to accelerate the transformation of their organization, business processes and technology to align with the demands of their customers.  An Agile Approach enables organizations to get to market faster by encouraging cross-organizational teamwork, collaboration and adaptability, all while ensuring better organizational ownership and more efficient adoption of newly implemented solutions. With significantly faster project completion times, retailers reduce the associated risks and costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Adopting an Agile mindset allows organizations to quickly respond to changing customer demands. As retailers are pressured to do more with less and quickly adapt to new retail realities, an Agile approach to technology and operations, has become a new retail imperative.