Best Practices for the Post-Purchase Experience

It’s not a secret that returning customers are better for your business than new customers. Studies have shown that a returning customer is less expensive to convert and has a higher
average order value than a new customer.

However, the e-commerce industry continues to be mainly focused on the acquisition of new customers by adopting the latest technologies and marketing strategies. While no one wants to be left behind, there is simply no substitute for having loyal patrons.

After a customer clicks “buy,” they enter a phase of uncertainty, where they are unsure whether their product will arrive on time or whether it will appear in one piece. Retailers who communicate regular updates and reassurances on the order and delivery status to customers can turn this period into a powerful moment of trust for the brand. Customers who shop without the sense of risk will feel more comfortable making repeat purchases in the future.

By crafting a post-purchase experience to minimize stress and maximize convenience, retailers make an investment in a sustained relationship with their customer. Enhancing your post-purchase customer experience doesn’t necessarily mean investing heavily in the latest technologies. We believe you can create a welcome and trusting experience for your customers to return time after time by adopting the following set of best practices:

1. Set customer expectations before the click “Buy”
2. Communicate tirelessly
3. Set a fair and competitive return policy
4. Simplify the return process
5. Deliver your products in professional packaging
6. Turn a digital experience into an omni-channel experience
7. Use your stores for something more
8. Gather customer feedback