2019 Special Report – In-Store Mobility

63% of Consumers use their Phone for Product Research, Pricing and Availability while they are in a Store, According to New BRP Report

There is no denying the power of mobile technology as a disruptor in the retail industry. Retailers realize that mobile devices are ubiquitous and recognize that a mobile device in the hands of the customer and associate holds tremendous opportunities to enhance the customer experience in the store. According to BRP’s SPECIAL REPORT: In-Store Mobility, 85% of consumers have purchased a product via a mobile app, and 33% frequently purchase via their mobile device. Mobile shopping (browsing or buying) will continue to grow as 41% of consumers in the BRP Consumer Study indicate they plan to increase their shopping frequency on their phone or tablet in the next 24 months.

As customers become more comfortable and proficient with utilizing mobile technology and researching information on their own, retailers need to offer expanded customer-facing mobile services to enhance the shopping experience. The proliferation of tablets and mobile phones provides new opportunities for retailers to enhance customer service by offering store associates tools to ‘keep up’ with the abundance of information that customers have at their fingertips. Associates can use mobile devices to answer customer questions, provide personalized recommendations, locate products and complete the transaction anywhere in the store.

BRP’s SPECIAL REPORT: In-Store Mobility is based on findings from the BRP Consumer Study and the 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey and offers insights into how mobile devices are changing the consumer shopping journey.

The SPECIAL REPORT: In-Store Mobility highlights:


  • Customer expectations: 63% of consumers utilize their mobile phone while in a store to compare prices, look for offers/coupons, check inventory, etc.
  • Retailer capabilities: 49% of retailers indicate that the customer mobile experience is one of their top customer engagement priorities


  • Customer expectations: 67% of consumers indicate that mobile coupons and promotions are an important factor in determining at which store they shop
  • Retailer capabilities: 57% of retailers offer mobile coupons and promotions to their customers in the store


  • Customer expectations: 40% of consumers are likely to shop at a store offering mobile POS
  • Retailer capabilities: 66% of retailers currently offer mobile POS in their stores