2019 Special Report – Mobilization of Retail

67% of Consumers are Likely to Shop with a Retailer that Offers Mobile Coupons

The proliferation and convenience of mobile devices has completely changed shopping behaviors and elevated customer expectations. Mobile shopping will continue to grow as 41% of consumers in the BRP Consumer Study[1] indicate they plan to increase their shopping frequency on a phone or tablet in the next 24 months. Shopping via a phone is just one way that mobile solutions are becoming more pervasive, as many consumers use their mobile devices as a research tool throughout the shopping journey. In fact, 34% use their phone while in a store to compare prices and 28% look for offers/coupons.

A retailer’s mobile capabilities can be a major driver for where a consumer chooses to shop,” said Marty Whitmore, senior vice president and practice lead at BRP. “With 67% of consumers choosing a store based on the availability of mobile coupons and 64% choosing a store based on product information availability via a mobile device, these are essential mobile capabilities for retailers.”

The SPECIAL REPORT: The Mobilization of Retail highlights:

Mobile Shopping

  • 41% of consumers plan to increase their shopping frequency on their phone or tablet within two years
  • 41% of retailers plan to improve the mobile shopping experience to ensure they are meeting their customers’ expectations

Mobile Coupons

  • 67% of consumers are likely to shop with a retailer that offers mobile coupons instead of one that doesn’t offer them
  • 40% of retailers indicate that offering coupons/ discounts is a key feature to offer on their mobile app/website

Mobile Identification

  • 39% of consumers are comfortable with mobile identification when they walk in the store to personalize the experience
  • 61% of retailers plan to identify customers when they walk in the store using their mobile device and WiFi