2019 Special Report Store Technology

96% of Consumers Indicate that Ease of Checkout and Payment are Important Factors When Choosing Where to Shop

According to BRP’s SPECIAL REPORT: The State of Store Technology, the store is still a major part of the customer journey with 79% of consumers indicating they purchase merchandise in a store frequently. With an increased focus on customer engagement and the convergence of physical and digital, the point of sale or commerce platform plays a critical role in shaping the customer shopping experience. The right technology foundation is essential to support the best in-store customer experience.

BRP’s SPECIAL REPORT: The State of Store Technology is based on findings from the BRP Consumer Study and the 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey and offers insights into the state of retailers’ current store technology and their future plans.


  • 96% indicate that ease of checkout and payment are important factors when choosing where to shop
  • More than 55% indicate that in-store technologies like self-checkout, product locator, inventory lookup, and endless aisle are important factors when choosing where to shop
  • 68% are likely to choose a store offering buy anywhere, ship anywhere services over one that doesn’t


  • 53% are focused on adding additional capabilities to existing POS and 48% plan to replace their POS within three years to improve the checkout experience
  • As retailers make decisions on new POS systems, 75% indicate they plan to have cloud-based solutions within three years
  • 94% plan to address holistic customer engagement with the implementation of a single unified commerce platform

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