Data Security in an Omni-Channel World

Only 22% of Retailers Currently Support EMV, Another 53% Plan to Implement Within 12 Months

According to this special report from Boston Retail Partners, the threat posed by data security breaches continues to consume retailers’ resources. While only 22% of retailers currently support EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) transactions, another 53% of retailers plan to implement this capability within 12 months. According to the BRP SPECIAL REPORT: Payment/Data Security in an Omni-channel World, 38% of retailers indicate that payment security is a top priority.

Hackers and fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated; requiring retailers to reanalyze and revamp their current security protocols in order to adequately protect the interests of themselves and their customers. The good news is that retailers realize the magnitude of payment risk and continue to focus resources to lock-down payment and data security across all touchpoints.

While the use of EMV-compliant payment solutions weakens the incentive for thieves to steal credit card information by requiring that the physical card be present at the transaction, EMV adoption in and of itself does not do anything to actually reduce the risk of a breach. The most effective approach for securing payment card transactions is a multi-tiered approach which includes implementing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and tokenization in addition to support for EMV.

This Special Report provides insight into BRP’s 2016 POS/Customer Engagement Survey and highlights the payment security objectives and challenges facing leading retailers today. Specifically, this report addresses topics such as: EMV compliance progress, alternative payment type adoption, payment card processing architecture approaches and the increased shift to online fraud.

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