Faux Omni-Channel to Unified Commerce – Workshop Recap

RetailTechCon 2016 Workshop Recap – March 31, 2016

Boston Retail Partners conducted the “How do we get from faux omni-channel to unified commerce? ” workshop at RetailTechCon in Orlando on March 31, 2016. The workshop brought together leading retailers for a discussion on how retailers can fix the problems associated with “faux” omni-channel and achieve a unified commerce environment.

This interactive workshop included audience participation and the discussion was summarized in graphic images by an artist in real-time. The retail executives attending this session debated the benefits and challenges of implementing a unified commerce system as well as several key implications to consider.


Many retailers have taken the “just get something done” approach to deliver a seamless customer experience that transcends channels. The unfortunate result of this quick fix approach is a “faux” omni-channel model that doesn’t execute as promised and has the risk of disappointing customers.

Retailers can no longer afford to operate within channel silos. Now is the time for retailers to transform the organization, business processes and technology to align with the new shopping behaviors and expectations of today’s customers. A unified commerce platform is the new imperative for handling orders, fulfillment and inventory across channels in real-time.   Retailers still have a long road ahead to achieve a successful unified commerce platform, but increased customer satisfaction and profits will make it worth the effort.

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