The Future Store Manifesto

New Scorecard Assesses Retailers’ Changing Initiatives as they Align with the Future Store Imperatives

One year after The Future Store Manifesto was published, BRP issued a scorecard to evaluate how retailers are progressing along the road to the “future store.” The Future Store Manifesto: 2016 Scorecard, co-developed by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, highlights how retailers are changing their initiatives to align with the key future store imperatives: mobile, relevant, personal, ubiquitous and secure.

The digital world is infiltrating brick and mortar stores, where consumers are equipped with smartphones and a new set of expectations. Over the past twenty years, many in the retail industry have predicted the demise of the physical store. But the reality is, the store is still the foundation of retailing. It is where the tactile and sensory experience comes together for the consumer.

To succeed, retailers are infusing digital features into the store environment to personalize the shopping experience, compete more effectively with online pure-play retailers and exceed customer expectations. The store is not dead, it’s digitized!

Here are a few of the key finding in this special report:

MOBILE – 78% of retailers plan to use mobile POS to enable associates to complete a customer’s purchase on the sales floor by the end of 2018

RELEVANT – 58% of retailers plan to utilize geolocation within two years

PERSONAL – 51% of retailers plan to offer suggested selling based on what is in the customer’s closet by mid-2019

UBIQUITOUS – 50% of retailers will allow a customer transaction to start anywhere, finish anywhere within five years

SECURE – 88% of retailers plan to have end-to-end encryption (E2EE) implemented to ensure data security by 2019

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