Real-Time Retail – The New Imperative

Within 5 Years, 883% More Retailers Plan to Identify Customers When They Walk in the Store

The BRP SPECIAL REPORT: Real-time Retail – The New Retail Imperative, addresses how consumers’ expectations of a seamless experience across channels – in the store, on the Web and via their mobile device – requires retailers to deliver a “real-time” shopping experience to meet these elevated demands.

Real-time retail is the ability to deliver a holistic experience to consumers whenever, wherever or however they choose to shop by gathering, analyzing and disseminating customer, product, pricing and inventory data across all channels – in real-time.

This special report highlights key findings from recent BRP surveys validating retailers’ commitment to achieving real-time retail by leveraging a unified commerce platform and other innovative technologies, including:

• 76% of retailers plan to provide suggested selling based on a customer’s previous purchases within three years
• 83% of the respondents plan to offer promotions based on the customer’s geographic proximity within five years
• 91% of the respondents plan to have real-time inventory available at the POS within three years
• 95% of retailers plan to implement real-time analytics within five years

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