The Restaurant of the Future Survey

71% of the consumers we surveyed dine out at least once per week

The restaurant industry is in the midst of a transformation with conventional sit-down restaurants and traditional fast food joints being quickly supplanted by the fast-growing areas of “fast casual” dining, meal kits and food trucks as today’s dining options. The industry is changing quickly, driven by the escalation in consumer expectations.

Today’s hectic lifestyles continue to drive steady growth in the restaurant industry as cooking at home becomes more of a challenge in our time-starved worlds. In fact, 71% of the consumers we surveyed dine out at least once per week, and 25% dine out more than three times per week.

▪ 78% utilize digital channels to discover/research restaurants
▪ 56% use Google while 42% go to restaurant website/mobile app

▪ 47% look for digital offers/coupons
▪ 29% place a new mobile/online order

The restaurant of the future will likely include robots that take your order instead of humans, your “usual” order placed automatically as your vehicle enters the parking lot based on license plate identification and automated kiosks that allow you to automatically pay based on facial recognition.

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