of retailers indicate that within three years social media will be the predominant forum for interaction with the brand

Customer Engagement

Supporting today’s connected consumers are their mobile devices — always online with access to real-time shopping companions, searching and presenting information from a variety of private and public data sites.

Retailers are adapting to today’s connected consumers, finding ways to leverage the tools at their disposal. Next-generation retailing requires identifying, accessing and processing customer data immediately and in real-time, regardless of which shopping channel the customer chooses to conduct business. Unlike cross-channel or even omni-channel strategies, the entire buying process needs to be moved into scope, including gathering information, evaluating and comparing products, deciding, completing the purchase, and delivery (or taking home).

A successful customer engagement strategy should considering these key questions:

  • How do our customers want to engage with our brand and how does it differ by customer segments?
  • How can we personalize the shopping experience based on individual customer insights?
  • What is the best way to identify customers when they are in our store?
  • How do we encourage customers to opt-in to proximity identification and promotional communications?
  • How do we gain a cross channel view of our customers – in real-time?
  • How do we make are “C-level” sales associates “A-level” sales associates?

How We Help

We know your customers, and we know that there is an ever-increasing number of access points to them – online, SMS, point of sale, mobile, etc. Our customer engagement services provide logistical flow, remove operational silos, reduce complexities and lower the costs of operating your unified commerce approach.

We help develop a customer experience strategy, defining the initiatives and building your custom roadmap, with infrastructure design and development, by providing our expert opinion. We keep the customer at the forefront to ensure that the customer has a holistic shopping experience at any customer touch point.

Case Studies

Eastern Mountain Sports

eastern_mountain_sportsEastern Mountain Sports is an outdoor gear and apparel retailer in the New England area. It has 68 stores, as well as 11 schools, offering classes in rock climbing, kayaking, and other outdoor sports. BRP was tasked with conducting a Retail Omni-Channel Strategy Assessment, in which the current business processes were examined to identify opportunities in organization, procedure, and technology. BRP developed an implementation roadmap for a one to three year timeframe, and validated it to include a migration plan for the implementation. BRP assisted EMS in selecting an Omni-Channel solution and implemented a comprehensive set of web, mobile and in-store solutions. Ultimately, Eastern Mountain Sports was left with a more seamless approach to the consumer experience, using a strategy that utilized social media and customer intimacy to improve sales.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

abcwinesABC is a privately owned wine and spirits retailer with approximately 150 locations in the state of Florida. ABC engaged Boston Retail Partners to develop a strategy, select tools and implement a customer-focused Omni-Channel approach to engaging, selling, and servicing their customers. Focusing on a streamlined experience from browser to store aisle to register, BRP helped ABC select and implement a new point of sale with integrated e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM). With BRP’s assistance, ABC has implemented their CRM platform to feed information into both a mobile and an e-commerce capability thus facilitating item selection, preference and purchase history-based recommendations, and a buy-on-line, fulfill anywhere service.

Brooks Brothers

brooksbrothersFounded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is the oldest men’s clothing chain in the United States. The chain operates hundreds of stores in the United States, as well as across the globe. Brooks Brothers’ objective was to develop an Omni-Channel Strategy and implement a Global Omni-Channel platform including store, mobile and web with the solution adaptable worldwide to provide standard and consistent tools and processes. BRP was asked to lead the Brooks Brothers Group team in assisting in the Strategy, Selection and Implementation of a comprehensive Global In-Store Systems component for the UK and Europe. The solution had to be able to meet all key business needs while utilizing new mobile technologies and position the infrastructure for the addition of the North American and Asia-Pacific markets.

Tire And Battery Corporation

TBCTBC is the nation’s largest vertically integrated tire marketer, using nine brands to operate more than 1,200 locations. We assessed the company’s current support systems and technology to assist with a POS evaluation and selection engagement. We prepared an RFI to identify vendors capable of implementing an enterprise-wide price management and POS system. We assisted TBC in finding and implementing a system to fit its guidelines, and the result was consolidated data sources, improved data quality and a flexible platform to accommodate future needs.


SamsoniteSamsonite is a multinational luggage manufacturer and retailer with products ranging from large suitcases to briefcases. BRP assisted the company with a strategy and selection project with the main objective of implementing a multi-brand, omni-channel solution. With BRP’s assistance, Samsonite has a long-term omni-channel plan for IT, POS, and CRM.


“Thank you to the entire BRP team on behalf of all of us. We appreciate your diligence. We recognize we added scope to your normal process with our team approach. We did well so far and look forward to leveraging the work you’ve facilitated for us.”

CRM DirectorLeading Specialty Apparel Company

“The BRP team, with their combination of on-site and off-site resources, provided a high-quality service at a value price.”

Jack McKinney CIO, Casual Male Retail Group
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