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IT Strategy/Execution

Retail technology has experienced an explosion in new capabilities that bring unlimited opportunities. Think back 20 years and retail IT was much less complex from a shear volume of applications and technology options. Today, retail IT must deal with many new factors and issues: social, mobile, cloud, and big data. Oh and by the way, manage all this information and platforms in a secure environment!

The key to managing this complex IT environment is to develop a strategic plan and technology roadmap and then execute according to the plan. Here are a few of the key issues that your strategic plan should address:

What are your business requirements today and how will then change in the next 5-10 years to accommodate changing needs and growth?

  • How do you integrate disparate systems into a single, unified commerce platform?
  • For new applications should you buy or build?
  • What aspects of IT should be outsourced?
  • What systems should you move to the cloud?
  • How do you quickly adapt to the new mobile paradigm?
  • How do you prioritize all the company’s IT projects?

These are often difficult decisions that have a significant impact on the company’s operational effectiveness, financial success and the customer experience. The challenge is to make the right choices and trade-offs that will position the company for success.

How We Help

IT strategy is crucial to business performance, and we help you make technology investment decisions with your customer in mind. Our experts ensure you have the information you need to develop well-informed strategies, often in the form of a comprehensive Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP).

We understand what your network needs. We work with you to define your critical success factors, key performance indicators, decision templates, dashboards, rules, filters and scorecards. We provide enterprise business strategy, business process management, and implementation and business analytics.

Case Studies


hessHess is a globally integrated energy company operating more than 1,300 retail locations serving 14 states. BRP was asked to help the company identify its future IT business needs. BRP developed a high-level design of the systems and organization required to provide the necessary IT capabilities, and defined the initiatives needed to realize the design. Hess was pleased the development of a five-year implementation roadmap for the IT initiatives required to meet the business strategy.

The Pamtry

the_pantryThe Pantry is the leading independently operated convenience store operator in the southeastern United States, with more than 1,500 locations. BRP was asked to assess the current systems and processes and the ability of the company’s legacy systems to meet current and future growth. We defined the overall strategic objective for IT, reviewed the current IT projects as relating to business functionality, and identified the requirements enabling growth and maximizing existing resources. The Pantry was pleased with BRP’s three-year IT roadmap to increase the company’s agility during periods of rapid growth


SamsoniteSamsonite is a multinational luggage manufacturer and retailer with products ranging from large suitcases to briefcases. BRP assisted the company with a strategy and selection project with the main objective of implementing a multi-brand, omni-channel solution. With BRP’s assistance, Samsonite has a long-term omni-channel plan for IT, POS, and CRM.


“Thanks for your assistance with helping us define a go forward Mobile POS strategy that our business partners can support. I think the exercises we went through were eye opening, raised awareness around the possibilities, and generated some additional challenges along the way…I appreciate the efforts you put into our initiative …”

CIOLeading Off-Price Retailer

“Thank you to the entire BRP team on behalf of all of us. We appreciate your diligence. We recognize we added scope to your normal process with our team approach. We did well so far and look forward to leveraging the work you’ve facilitated for us.”

CRM DirectorLeading Specialty Apparel Company
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