Nearly two-thirds of retailers plan to upgrade or replace their merchandise planning systems within 2 years

Find out why and how…

2015 Merchandise Planning Survey


Consumers are demanding a more fluid shopping experience among all channels, mobile, the Web, and traditional brick-and-mortar retail. To offer this holistic shopping experience for customers, retailers are building on their omni-channel capabilities and moving toward a unified commerce strategy, which enables a seamless customer experience across all channels to satisfy this customer mandate.

Without proper planning and allocation across channels to have inventory available at the right place at the right time, a unified commerce strategy is an exercise in futility. If there is no available inventory, consumers are literally a click or swipe away from an alternative.

Optimizing the merchandise planning and allocation process is a challenging endeavor; however, answering these questions will help define the best strategies:

  • What is required to achieve an “extended aisle” planning and inventory sharing model?
  • How do we leverage social media insights to improve our assortment and merchandise planning?
  • Is it worth creating localized assortment at the store level?
  • Should we develop a single buying group that supports all channels?
  • How do we leverage business intelligence tools to improve our merchandise planning and what tools are the best for our needs?

How We Help

We’ll help you move merchandise through your cycle efficiently and effectively.

We leverage our knowledge and experience with proven methodologies to help meet customer demand and exceed your expectations in merchandising.

We’ll help with merchandise planning, assortment planning, replenishment, allocation, space planning and other components. We will assist with system selection and implementation by carefully monitoring market consolidation, package improvement and emerging solutions, then match your needs with the best strategy.

Our experts will partner with you in developing appropriate merchandise planning strategies that target key sales trends and supply chain constraints to secure inventory support future sales. In the area of merchandise allocation, effective deployment by location is key, so we advise a proactive approach. We also assist with the development of category management and space planning strategies, providing improved sales, margin and return on investment.

Case Studies

Jo-Ann Stores

joannJo-Ann Stores is a leading national specialty retailer of crafting, decorating and sewing products. The company requested BRP’s assistance with a review of its organizational structure and job descriptions. BRP reviewed the organization to determine the right mix of buyers, merchandisers, distributors and planners, as well as help reduce redundant roles in the organization and increase the effectiveness of its processes.

Olympia Sports


Olympia operates more than 150 stores, selling brand-name athletic products in the Northeast. BRP assisted the company by providing strategy, selection, and implementation support to manage its merchandising, OTB and product assortment, as well as support its replenishment and allocation requirements. Through this support, Olympia Sports was able to improve inventory productivity through more sophisticated allocation capabilities.


“The consultants at Boston Retail Partners exceeded my expectations in devising an advanced retail strategy and effective operational controls on behalf of my organization. Not only did they deliver results as promised, but went above and beyond to provide superior work quality and exhibit the utmost dedication to the project. For corporations looking to gain a competitive edge by improving operational efficiency and increasing profit margins, these consulting professionals come highly regarded and recommended.”

EVP Corporate RetailLeading Global Hospitality Company

“The team from Boston Retail Partners has been with us every step of the way, ranging from datacenter to compliance and from e-commerce to mobile sales. We have benefited in the areas of fulfillment, marketing, operations, and IT as a result of their efforts. Boston Retail Partners team’s continuous improvement focus has helped us move the dial in a very positive direction, and further than we could have on our own.”

Jim DekleCIO, ABC Fine Wine and Spirits
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