more retailers plan to implement mobile POS within three years


Mobile devices have become pervasive in our lives, dramatically changing the retail world. Having a constant, virtually unlimited array of information at our fingertips, in our pockets, or on our wrists has changed shopping behaviors and elevated customer expectations for customer service. The proliferation of tablets and smartphones has also created new opportunities for retailers to enhance customer service.

“The mobile device is the cash register of the future, the sales associate of the future and the wallet of the future – or rather the now!”

– Ken Morris, Principal, Boston Retail Partners

While every retailer understands that mobile is the future of retail, developing the best mobile strategy for their environment and customers is challenging and executing that strategy can be complex given the the rigidity of legacy systems. When you are busy “keeping the lights on,” we can help by advising you of best practices in the following areas:

  • Mobile POS – Enables associates to complete a customer’s purchase on the sales floor at the moment a buying decision is made
  • Guided Selling – Sales associates can provide personal recommendations based on an individual customer’s preferences, purchase history, browsing history and what’s in their closet
  • Customer-facing Mobile Apps – Premium mobile app features include: aisle location information for a product, real-time inventory availability, virtual store maps, push-to-talk for in-store assistance, customer reviews, and loyalty point levels
  • Mobile Payments – While mobile payments have been slow to gain broad acceptance by retailers and consumers, it will become the norm
  • Mobile Websites and Apps – A mobile responsive Web site is a requirement for all retailers with e-commerce, but a well-designed mobile app can elevate the shopping experience and increase customer loyalty and sales
  • Integration Challenges – With the addition of mobile channels, the integration, dissemination and consolidation of all pertinent data is compounded, making it more challenging for retailers to provide customers a seamless experience with the brand

How We Help

Our team of mobile experts help you:

  • Assess your unified commerce maturity level to determine your level of readiness for mobility.
  • Clearly define business objectives, budget and timeline expectations (working closely with your IT and business teams).
  • Develop the business case for mobility with a total cost of ownership (TCO) and a return on investment (ROI) analysis.
  • Define your mobile strategy and initiatives and build your mobile roadmap – complete with integration and business process design and development of the infrastructure to support it.
  • Select the best mobile technology solutions based on your strategy, environment and the capabilities of mobile solution providers.
  • Integrate and deploy your mobile solution and provide business process advice and training to ensure the solution is successfully utilized and embraced by store associates and customer.

Leveraging our retail expertise, BRP is the ideal partner to deliver a winning mobile solution. We help you deliver the world-class mobile experience your customers expect.

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