of retailers will host a single shared cart across channels within 3 years

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2016 Digtital Commerce Survey


It wasn’t long ago the network played a tactical retail role – processing transactions – requiring minimal bandwidth. Then came the Web, followed by e-commerce, social media, smartphones, showrooming, the cloud, omni-channel, customer WiFi and digital coupons. The demand on retailers’ networks and bandwidth are further stressed with the addition of live-streamed entertainment, digital signage, beacons, mobile POS, pop-up stores, real-time personalized loyalty apps, the IoT, multi-channel customer support, and unified commerce. Guarding against cyberattacks and data breaches makes network security a retail imperative. Optimizing your network is key to delivering a superior, differentiated, trustworthy, engaging customer experience.

Needless to say, the network’s job was suddenly transformed and has become incredibly complex. Each and every innovation mentioned above has added more stress and pressure on the network in terms of capacity, performance, reliability, security and cost. Today, many retailers are finding that their networks and IT staff simply can’t keep up.

How We Help

While the challenges are overwhelming, the upside is, solutions are now available to address them all. The trick is developing the right strategy and the right tools to meet your business objectives.

Working with your team, and tapping the network expertise of our parent company, EarthLink, BRP can help you with a range of services designed to empower retailers by:

  1. Reducing the burden of management: Outsourcing day-to-day management of your network frees your IT team of time consuming day-to-day tasks so they can focus on strategic innovation and growth.
  2. Optimizing your business and cloud networks: High-performance network services can deliver the agility your applications and organization need, and deliver the experience your customers expect and demand.
  3. Protecting your brand: The cost of a single breach, or well-publicized network outage, can be millions or more. Optimized security, compliance and network services can help keep your data, customers and reputation safe 24/7.
  4. Driving customer engagement: Superior customer experiences use data in innovative ways. WiFi, voice and contact center services offer visibility and insight to enhance the value of every customer interaction.
Innovative Services to Transform the Retail Customer Experience

To deliver on the essential capabilities outlined above, we offer a broad solution set including:

  • Hybrid Networks and SD-WAN
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Managed Network Services
  • Secure WiFi & Analytics
  • Hosted Voice & Contact Center
  • Network Security and Compliance
  • Network Diagnostics, Strategy and Design

To learn more about putting any of these services to work for you, contact BRP or visit EarthLink.com.

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